Accessing and using digital resources

Open-access resources at the British Library related to the Caribbean & Barbados

Facilitator: Chantelle Richardson

As we saw during our first workshop about genealogical research, runaway slave ads offer descriptive information about individuals, their networks and the world they lived in. During our second workshop about speculative writing, we saw how we can use such information to give voice to these enslaved individuals whose narratives are not captured fully in colonial archives.

The aim of this third workshop is to help attendees better understand the stories contained in the ads by pointing them to further digital resources. Locating and using such resources can help us better contextualize the human lives described in the “runaways ads.”

Recommended Links: Caribbean materials

Manuscripts:                                  Materials related to the Caribbean in this collection range from the 16th to 20th century.

Maps:         Over a hundred maps and plans related to the Caribbean can be found in this collection.  Additionally, a few maps and plans can be found on the EAP website. For example, (EAP794) Digitising the endangered historic records of Nevis in the Leeward Islands features individual maps/plans, or montages of plans between 1888-1974.

Sounds: Various sound recordings related to Caribbean nationals living in and outside the UK. Politics, Sport, Food and Oral history are some of the main subjects of the recordings.

Blogs:                                                                Post by current and past curators, researchers and fellows working on/with Caribbean materials can be found here.

Endangered Archives Programme:                                                                                      The most extensive digital materials on the Caribbean can be accessed here.

Recommended links: Barbados

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