Nicholas Mayers

Nicholas Mayers


Nicholas Mayers is a genealogist based in Barbados. He has been instrumental in co-hosting the public workshops for the “runaway slaves” ads since their start.

Nicholas Mayers currently holds the position of information officer with the Barbados Genealogy Group, which is affiliated with the Barbados Museum and Historical Society. His responsibilities include writing articles for the group’s newsletter entitled “Connections” and conducting workshops to educate persons about the various websites which can be used in genealogical research along with techniques that they can used in this exercise.

For the past twelve years Nicholas has been conducting genealogical research into his family and persons who once resided within Bibby’s Lane, St. Michael, where he currently resides, as well as tracing landownership within this district.

Nicholas Mayers currently holds a Bachelor of Science in Political Science and History with upper second-class honours from the University of West Indies Cave Hill Campus and an Associate Degree in Arts in Information Technology and History from the Barbados Community College.

Nicholas is passionate about conducting historical research and seeks the opportunity to utilise his education and research skills in this regard with the aspiration of becoming an archivist.

As a professional genealogist, Nicholas can help you with your research. To contact Nicholas, email bajanresearcher [at] gmail [dot] com.

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