Seanna Viechweg

Seanna Viechweg


Seanna Viechweg is currently an incoming Ph.D. candidate at the University of Virginia in the Department of English. Her research interests center African-American, Post-Colonial, and Caribbean literature, with an emphasis on Black speculative writing and neo-slave narratives.

After attending Haverford College for her Bachelor of Arts in English and Education, Seanna worked as a Fulbright Student Researcher at UWI, Cave Hill where she initiated research on Black diasporic futurism, as well as worked alongside professors in the Department of Language, Linguistics, and Literature (LLL) to encourage the study of Black speculative fiction.

Seanna is particularly drawn to studying African American and Caribbean speculative fiction/sci-fi given the genre’s ability to revisit the slave past. Considering how events such as colonialism and slavery affected diasporic communities’ ability to record and archive their narratives, Seanna is committed to recovering and reimagining such histories through the tool of speculative writing.

If you have any questions for Seanna about her research and involvement with the “Barbados Runaways” workshops, please feel free to email her at seannaviechweg[at]

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